Freelance Web Designer

My name is Pilo Campaner, a freelance web designer and graphic designer from the Philippines. Creating the best and affordable logos and developing affordable websites is my priority. I have been providing different collaterals for print and the internet for more than 20 years. This made me well versed not only in the usage of graphic design tools but also in WordPress and HTML. Every project I work on is geared towards delivering results for your business through strategic design.

I’m taking freelance jobs such as custom logos, website building, web development, poster design and other graphic design works at a fraction of the cost from a web design company. I also do website consultation work and contribute honest pro bono church web design and web development tasks upon request.


Latest from the Blog

WordPress Security Update
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Today WordPress has released 4.0.1 to fix critical security issues with previous versions. Multiple critical vulnerabilities have been discovered and fixed in several versions of WordPress Core including the current version 4.0. WordPress... Read More

Manila North Cemetery Website
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It’s all over the news here in the Philippines that the largest cemetery in Metro Manila already has a website ( The website was set up  to help people locate their deceased loved ones’ tombs... Read More

Chrome Canary Game
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Google has a new version of the Chrome browser, dubbed as Chrome Canary. It is still under development but can already be downloaded. What’s interesting is the “hidden” game it has. When you’re... Read More