Manila North Cemetery Website

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manilanorthcemeteryIt’s all over the news here in the Philippines that the largest cemetery in Metro Manila already has a website ( The website was set up  to help people locate their deceased loved ones’ tombs but only from 1974 and the present. Records older than 1974 were no longer available for upload.

I was curious as to how the website was built so I typed the URL and was greeted by a 404 error.

Manila North Cemetery
As you can see by the page, the Manila North Cemetery website was hosted on a free hosting server. Even the domain name extension .tk was also for free. Free hosting is recommended if a website will only have a limited number of visitors. But in the case of Manila North Cemetery’s website this was not ideal because it was publicly advertised. Free hosting servers cannot handle heavy visotor traffic.

As of now, October 30 8AM, the website is still down. I hope that they can do something about it before November 1.

But cheers to the people who thought of the project. A proper domain extension and a solid hosting will make it better.


Update: November 13, 2014

Manila North Cemetery website is now up. They also have a new domain extension. You can view the website at